Supply List

All students in grades 2k and 3k are asked to bring the following items.

  • Backpack   (11×14 or larger).  L.L. Bean and Pottery Barn Kids brand backpacks are preferred. A backpack this size may look big on your child, we will gladly help them carry it if needed.  Please ensure the backpack is made of a firm fabric so that it is easier for your child to zip and pack. We have found that a backpack that can accommodate a lunchbox, sweatshirt, and folder in one contained place makes transitioning in and out of school easier for the child because their hands are free.  Purchasing a larger backpack now will also eliminate the need to buy a new backpack as your child moves into higher grade levels. 
  • Lunch Box that can keep food cold.
  • Change of clothes to be left at school. (does not have to be a uniform)
  • Nap Mat – If you will be purchasing a new nap mat please purchase a Mint, brand (available at local stores and online).  If your child uses a lovey or a paci during nap please plan to provide a set to be left at school during the week.  Please send a paci clip with your child’s paci so that we can keep it with their nap mat.  We will send all washable items home weekly.
  • long sleeve waterproof art smock. Please be certain your child’s smock has velcro rather than ties.
  • 1 School Supply Kit, items listed may be purchased individually or through Olensky Brothers. If you choose to purchase through Olensky Brothers your school supplies will be delivered to your child’s classroom prior to the start of school.